American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Luncheon

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Originally published on David T. Fischer’s website.

The Suburban Collection is very passionate about being involved in the community. We sponsor, participate in, and support a variety of events and organizations that are all aimed at making a difference on both a local and global scale.

Last month, we had the honor of being one of the Gold Sponsors at the Go Red For Women Luncheon, which was put on by the American Heart Association. The mission of the American Heart Association is focused on encouraging individuals to live their healthiest life possible, free of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Their Go Red For Women Luncheon specifically puts an emphasis on providing women with knowledge and strategies in order to build a healthier life for themselves, as well as their families.

We were one of 600 other attendees at this event that happened at the beginning of March. At the luncheon, we were educated on the importance of heart health and just how significant of an impact the American Heart Association and Go Red For Women has had on heart disease prevention up to this point!

What many individuals don’t realize is that a high percentage of cardiovascular diseases are actually preventable and implementing certain lifestyle changes can prove crucial in allowing you to live a longer, happier life. The more people who are aware of this, the more we can all come together to support one another in taking action against heart disease and stroke.

It was exciting to see such an immense turnout at the luncheon. Here are some pictures from the event:

To help show our support for this event, we put an INFINITI Q60 in Dynamic Sunstone Red on display for all to see. We used this opportunity to catch the attention of the people walking by who stopped to look at the bright red color of the vehicle to also educate them about the American Heart Association and the importance of raising awareness.

If you would like to support the American Heart Association, visit this link. You can learn more about possible events you can attend, how you can support them financially, and how you can become a sponsor of an event they are hosting.

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